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Flood Status
Low Water Status


Streamflow and Meteorological Data

Data from the flood warning gauges, strategically located throughout the watershed river systems, is relayed to the Flood Forecast Department at the Authority's Administrative Centre for detailed analysis.

See below for list of gauge locations and data that the Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority can provide upon request.

List of Gauge Locations and Parameters Monitored

      Station Data Sensors  
# STATION NAME D.A.(km2) WL Rain Temp Rad WS WD WT
1 Saugeen River above Durham 329 X X X       X
2 Saugeen River at Hanover 904 X            
3 South Saugeen River near Neustadt 635 X            
4 Formosa Met. Station N/A   X X X X X  
5 Saugeen River near Walkerton 2150 X X          
6 South Saugeen River below Mt.Forest 419 X X          
7 Teeswater River near Paisley 663 X            
8 Beatty Saugeen River near Hanover 249 X           X
9 Saugeen River above Paisley 2480 X X X        
10 Teeswater River at Bruce Rd.20 499 X X X        
11 Rocky Saugeen River at Aberdeen 273 X           X
12 North Saugeen River above Chesley 216 X X X       X
13 South Saugeen River at Cedarville 195 X X X       X
14 Bells Lake Meterological Station N/A   X X X      
15 Lakeshore Met Station(Southampton) N/A   X X   X X X
16 Saugeen River near Pt. Elgin 3960 X            
17 Pine River above Ripley 60 X X          
18 Saugeen River above Priceville 216 X X X       X
19 Beatty Saugeen River near Holstein 130 X X X       X
20 Camp Creek at Allan Park 106 X           X
21 Carrick Creek at Carlsruhe 163 X            
22 Pine River at Lurgan Beach 154 X X X        
23 North Penetangore at Kincardine 112 X            
24 Teeswater River at Teeswater 132 X X X       X
25 Hamilton Creek near Holland Centre 60 X            
26 Hanover Geonor N.A.

     X                     X

27  Styx River near Lamlash 130


WT Water Temperature WS Wind Speed            
WL  Water Level WD Wind Direction            


Data Products Available:

  • current streamflow and level statistics
  • historical streamflow and level statistics
  • mean monthly and annual flow values
  • flow duration curves
  • annual flow distribution graphs
  • unit hydrographs
  • precipitation normals and annual totals
  • temperature normals and seasonal variations
  • selected wind speed and direction data
  • current and historical snow water content information
  • customized products to meet specific needs

Note: some costs may apply for data products - please contact us for information.

Other Services:

  • trained staff are available to measure streamflow volumes if a landowner is interested in the amount of flow in a stream. We can also set up staff gauges and develop rating curves so the owner can determine flow in a stream at any time throughout the year
  • flow monitoring studies for compliance with environmental permits i.e. surface water takings, effluent discharges, micro hydro production

Basic cost of these services is $40/hr plus mileage. Proposals can also be prepared for those monitoring projects which may require more than a short term involvement of our personnel.

For information about these and other products and services, please see our contact information.

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