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S.t.e.w.a.r.d.s.h.i.p. - "the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one's care"

Staff with SVCA's Stewardship Department are involved with numerous projects and countless partners.  Below is an example of just some of these projects and groups that we assist.

Many of these efforts would not be possible without the financial support of these generous partners. Feel free to check out any one of the projects or partners listed below.

The SVCA's involvement can include the actual coordination of both office and field work, the securement of project funds, technical expertise, provision of manpower, research and development, environmental approvals, etc..

Working Together for a Healthier Environment Where We Live Work and Play 




Stewardship Projects and Services


Water Well Improvement Program  (New in 2020)NWMO Logo

SVCA and the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) are now partnering to offer a Water Well Improvement Program that will financially support landowners in their efforts to protect groundwater within the Saugeen Valley jurisdiction. Managed and delivered by SVCA, the Water Well Improvement Program will provide funding to properly decommission and upgrade water wells, which can be a direct conduit of contaminants to groundwater.

Yellow Fish Road Stormdrain Marking Program

For a number of years now, the  Manager of Water Resources and Stewardship Services as well as the  Communications Coordinator have teamed up to implement the Yellow Fish Road TM

Since 1991, Trout Unlimited Canada's award-winning Yellow Fish Road program has been Canada's premier water education program.  Local partners, such as Saugeen Conservation partner with Trout Unlimited Canada to implement the program on a watershed scale.  The Program engages youth to protect Canada's water by painting yellow fish symbols adjacent to storm drains which state 'rainwater only'.   This helps to educate local communities about the connection of storm drains to local waterways.  Remember - rainwater only!

To date, the SVCA has completed the Yellow Fish Road Program in Durham, Hanover, Walkerton, Southampton and Kincardine.  The municipal partners provide staff time and the necessary approvals.

TD Friends of the Environment Tree Days

TD Friends of the Environment has assisted the SVCA with numerous environmental projects over the years.  One of these projects is called the Brockton Tree Plant.  It has been ongoing for three years and since that time TD staff, along with SVCA staff and local residents have planted over 450 trees and wildlife shrubs in the Town of Walkerton. 

The Walkerton Rotary Club and the Municipality of Brockton are integral partners on this project.

If you know of a municipal park that would benefit from tree planting, please let us know!


Pine River Watershed Initiative Network or PRWIN

The Pine River Watershed Initiative Network (PRWIN), began in 2008 as a group of citizens gathered around a kitchen table, keen on doing something positive for their local environment.  Saugeen Conservation has been there from the very beginning assisting with a variety of environmental projects ranging from tree planting efforts to the implementation of best management practices on area farms.

In 2016, the PRWIN celebrated the planting of their 250,000th tree! SVCA was proud to be there and to have assisted with meeting this accomplishment.

Check out the latest PRWIN newsletter


Penetangore River Watershed Group

The Penetangore River Watershed Group (PWG), has also made great strides, since 2011, in initiating positive steps towards a better environment in their local area.  The SVCA has been there as well, helping out with projects, providing technical advice and assiting with grant securements.  Projects have ranged from tree planting to bringing back biodiversity to the Sobey's storm water pond management in Kincardine.

In the Penetangore River Watershed, the PWG has been able to plant roughly 2,000 trees a year, with the assistance of SVCA staff.  PWG has been supported by the Municipality of Kincardine, Bruce Power, Ontario Power Generation and local schools.  


Career WORKS: WaterWORKS, FoodWORKS and EnergyWORKS

These incredible workshops are hosted by the Grey Bruce Sustainability Network, many of which are in partnership with the SVCA.  These workshops feature hands-on, experiential sessions for high school students looking for possible careers in these fields.

The WATERworks program, for example, exposes students to various stages of the urban/ rural water cycle from source to tap and back again. Surface water in our creeks and rivers, stormwater run-off, drinking water treatment, water use and waste water are a few themes that students will learn about with regard to careers in water.

SVCA is proud to work with the Grey Bruce Sustainability Network and many other partners in making this a reality! The GBSusNet receives funding from various sources such as TD Friends of the Environment, Ontario Power Generation, Bruce Power and RBC Bluewater. Local municipal partners are integral to the success of these programs.


Healthy Lake Huron - Clean Water, Clean Beaches

A team of dedicated environmental professionals (including Saugeen Conservation), joined together in 2011 to coordinate actions aimed at improving overall water quality along the southeast shores of Lake Huron.

Involvement with regard to stewardship and water quality monitoring includes the coordination with the Pine River priority watershed, including the Pine River Watershed Initiative Network or PRWIN.

"This group is leading the Healthy Lake Huron - Clean Water, Clean Beaches campaign, a concerted effort to address nuisance algae concerns and to promote safe and clean beaches and shorelines from Sarnia to Tobermory." 

For more information on Healthy Lake Huron initiatives, please check out

Be sure to check out their newsletters and the latest in shoreline developments with respect to environmental enhancements.


Grey Bruce ALUS (Alternative Land Use Services)

ALUS Canada makes it possible for farmers to offset their environmental footprint through agricultural stewardship projects. ALUS invests in farmers who are producing acres of clean air, clean water, wildlife habitat and other ecosystem services in communities across Grey and Bruce Counties.

Since 2012, GB ALUS has been busy implementing demonstration projects throughout the Saugeen Watershed.  SVCA staff assist with technical advise, outreach and funding assitance.

For example, a landowner in Formosa implemented a livestock exclusion fencing project that was then planted with trees and shrubs by SVCA staff.  This will improve water quality in the Formosa Creek, help to establish habitat and keep local waters cool.


Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation (LHCCC)

The Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation was founded in 1998 with the goals of protecting and restoring Lake Huron's coastal environment and promoting a healthy coastal ecosystem.

While many environmental advocacy groups address local issues within the region, the Coastal Centre is the only grassroots organization focused on protecting the coastal environment lake-wide. The LHCCC works closely with local Conservation Authorities, such as the SVCA, as well as shoreline municipalities, ministries, groups and organizations.

The LHCCC is a key player, in partnership with the SVCA and Enbridge Inc. in delivering the Phragmites combat and coastal restoration project at Brucedale Conservation Area.  Enbridge has made a five year commitment to this project in the amount of $100,000. Project Video


Wonders of Wetlands

Staff, together with Enbridge and the LHCCC also host a elementary school event at Brucedale Conservation Area.  This education event focuses on the coastal wetlands including aspects such as invasive and native species, wetland functions and their importance to our landscape.

Kids get 'down and dirty', wading into the water to capture aquatic organisms.  They also learn how these organisms can help determine the water quality of various waterways and lakes.

Very much a hands-on demonstration, kids learn by doing!



Stewardship Grey Bruce (SGB)

The mandate of Stewardship Grey Bruce is "to create a healthy, vibrant and sustainable community through empowered citizens, natural resources stewardship, and partner collaboration."

SGB is an amalgamation of the former Bruce Resources Stewardship Network and the Grey County Forest Stewardship Network.

SVCA staff assist with numerous projects including riparian tree planting, landowner coordination, technical expertise and manpower.  Once again, numerous partners are involved in these successful projects including Bruce Power, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, other Conservation Authorities, Bruce and Grey Counties as well as interested landowners.


Youth EXPO

This outreach program is held annually at the Sydenham Sportsmen's Association south of Owen Sound in June.  It is open to children from ages of 10 to 17.  The program allows them to experience outdoor activities designed to nurture their understanding of the environment.

SVCA staff, the Sydenham Sportsmen's Association members, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and Stewardship Grey Bruce assist in the delivery of this program.



Allan Park Tall Grass Prairie

In 2011, SVCA received funding from Hydro One to establish a two acre tall grass prairie habitat at Allan Park Conservation Area / Management Unit. 

The site is located in an area of Allan Park CA that has its own microclimate and soils able to support the tall grass prairie. Management of this area includes regular site burns and maintenance which encourages the growth and success of tall grass prairie species.

Fish Habitat Projects

Saugeen Conservation works closely with Trout Unlimited Canada in implementing a number of different projects to improve fish habitat.

One such project, took place on a tributary of the Rocky Saugeen River where habitat construction consisted of fish weirs and nesting habitat. 




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