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Past Stewardship Programs

Saugeen Conservation has been involved with numerous projects geared to rehabilitation and reforestation projects.

Some of the past projects include:

Geddes Property Park Development - Kincardine

The Recreation Department of the Municipality of Kincardine asked Saugeen Conservation to develop a plan for the recreational development of Geddes property, a 13 acre parcel of floodplain land within the town. Saugeen Conservation consulted with local groups and residents and gathered site information.  This resulted in the development of a habitat enhancement plan designed to attract wildlife and provide passive recreational opportunities, such as bird watching and hiking.

The park is now well utilized by residents and visitors alike! 

Mount Forest Wetland Sanctuary (1998)

What was once a stagnant, sediment filled reservoir has been converted into a stable wetland environment providing habitat for plants, fish and animals in the heart of the community of Mount Forest. This restoration project was guided by a local steering committee and coordinated by staff from Saugeen Conservation.

Funds for the construction of the project were raised from foundations, government agencies, service clubs, businesses and individuals. In the spring of 1998 a barrier was built across a portion of the reservoir which provided a secure area where wetland plants could be introduced and thrive.

Trails and observation areas have also been constructed as part of this rehabilitation project.





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