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Healthy Lake Huron


In 2011 a group of dedicated environmental professionals, led by staff from the Ministry of the Environment, gathered together to address environmental issues along Lake Huron with an aim to improve overall water quality along the southeast shores.  You can visit the main website here.

In so doing, they identified 5 major watersheds which required immediate action.  In Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority's (SVCA) jurisdiction, this included the PINE RIVER (highlighted in the image to the right in yellow).

Check out the new environmental initiatives below.

Our Watershed - The Pine River

The Pine River has been identified as one of the priority areas requiring immediate environmental action and improvements.

It is located in the southwest area of SVCA's watershed jurisdiction.  Much of this watershed has been cleared for farmland, leaving very little natural cover.

Through MOE funding, the Pine River Watershed Initiative Network (PRWIN), together with SVCA and Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) are completing an integrated Watershed Management Plan for the Pine River.

Working with Local Partners - the Pine River Watershed Initiative Network

Over the past number of years, Saugeen Conservation has been working with the Pine River Watershed Initiative Network or PRWIN to raise funds and implement environmental efforts to improve the watershed. You can visit the PRWIN group website for more information. 

























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