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Forestry Services

Trees and Planting Services

This service is for landowners who are interested in planting trees on marginal agricultural or fragile land, creating or improving wildlife habitat, establishing windbreaks or planting along stream banks.

A variety of tree seedlings are available to landowners who wish to plant trees themselves. Specialty trees and larger landscape stock can also be ordered through this service.

Landowners may also participate in a total service package which includes a site inspection, project planning, the ordering and planting of the trees, as well as vegetation control.

Forest Management Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP)

This plan will include a resource inventory, landowner's objectives, required maps, and a schedule of management activities for a 10 year period.

For more information on the Forest Management Tax Incentive Program or MFTIP, please click here.

Other Forest Services

  • Tree Marking

This services involves the marking of both natural hardwood woodlots and plantations for thinning, improvement, or commercial harvest operations using sound forest management principles. The marked timber is tallied and the standing volume is estimated. All marking is performed by Tree Markers that have been certified by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF).

Tender preparation and advertising are included in this service.

This involves the marketing of the marked timber.  The tendering service assists landowners in obtaining the best price possible for their marked timber and assists in the selection of the  contractor.

  • Contract Management

This service provides monitoring and supervision of the operation to ensure minimal damage to the site and the residual stand.

  • Vegetation Control

This service is available for landowners who have previously planted trees or wildlife shrubs on their land. Reducing competition from grasses and weeds is essential for good tree survival. Both herbicide and non-herbicide options are available.

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