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Management Programs on C.A. Lands

The forestry staff of Saugeen Conservation have developed a Forest Management Plan to guide the management of the 20,776.78 acres (8490.36 hectares) of Authority forests. The 20 year Forest Management Plan is a key tool in managing Authority forests on a sustainable basis.

The development of this plan started in 1997 when the Authority began the process of inventorying its forest properties. Following the inventory process, Operating Plans were developed for each forest tract. Operating Plans are the documents which guide activities on a 'property by property' basis according to the guidelines of the Management Plan.

In 2005, the Forest Management Plan for 2005 - 2025 was approved and adopted by the Saugeen Conservation Board of Directors after an extensive consultation process with interest groups from across the watershed.

  • Report - Review of SVCA's High Conservation Value Forest
  • Report - High Conservation Value Forest - updated

Forest Management Operations

Forest Management Operations is a title given to all forestry activities undertaken within a property. This includes: property inspections, property inventory, harvesting, tree planting, pruning, thinning, insect and disease control, tree marking, and tree removal.

Forestry Staff

Donna Lacey, Forestry Coordinator, (519) 369-7516

Aaron Swayze, Forestry Technician, (519) 373-2661

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