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Flood History

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Flooding has always occurred along the Saugeen River, however, as with many rivers across Ontario, it's when flooding impacts on people and their property, that serious issues arise.

The photo to the right, was taken in the Village of Paisley in the 1970s prior to the construction of dykes that now exist to protect much of the village from high water. 

Flood Warning and River Forecasting

The Flood Warning and River Forecasting function is a high priority for the safety of watershed residents and their property.

Over the years, Saugeen Conservation has developed a sophisticated, computerized system that enables staff to predict potential floods and generate forecast information for the residents of the watershed. Please see our MAP of the Flood Warning Stations Across the Watershed.

Short and long range weather forecasts provided by Environment Canada and various other sources are accessed on a daily basis to monitor local conditions and track major weather systems across the continent. Supporting this information is access to radar images both locally and on a broader scale that depicts rainfall intensity and location within the Saugeen watershed.

Environment Canada Weather Site 

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