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Martyn Family Donates Land to SVCA

Posted: March 2, 2015

Saugeen Conservation is pleased to announce that they have been the recentrecipient of a land donation in the Pine River Watershed.

A total of 40 ha(100acres) of forested land has been donated to Saugeen Conservation from the Martyn Family on the Pine River.
“We’re especially pleased with the donation”, said Luke Charbonneau, Chair of Saugeen Conservation. “This is an exceptional property in that it is entirely forested” commented Charbonneau. “Only approximately 7% of the Pine River Watershed is forested. To have a piece of property within this watershed, entirely forested, is a real gift” he continued.

The donation was made by the Martyn Family in memory of Donald Murray Martyn. The property has been in the Martyn family since 1852! “We can’t thank them enough” remarked Charbonneau. “This piece of the Watershed will now be protected for today and tomorrow.”

Murray’s daughters remember planting trees on the property when they were young girls. “My Dad was always an outdoorsman”, stated Mary, one of his daughters. “He took great pleasure in the planning and planting of thousands of seedlings” she continued. “Over the years he spent many happy hours wandering the property, planting additional native species and making note of the increasing wildlife.”

“I’ve walked the property myself,” stated Jim Penner, Manager of Forestry with Saugeen Conservation. “This 100 acre property is actually a haven for local wildlife because of its size and the fact that it’s one of the few larger forested properties in the Pine River Watershed. Given
its size it also provides some forest interior habitat necessary for specific wildlife species” he continued.

Once again, Saugeen Conservation wishes to acknowledge the Martyn family for this most benevolent gift.  Recognition of the Martyn Family will be provided by way of a special sign erected on the property.

“A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers, but borrowed from his children.”
John James Audubon

For more information, contact:
Wayne Brohman
General Manager / Secretary Treasurer
Saugeen Conservation
519.367.3040 ext. 232 or

Shannon Wood
Manager of Communications
Ext. 229 or s.wood@svca.on

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