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Flood Status
Low Water Status

Environment Programs

Flood warnings, forestry, stewardship

Permits and Fees

For services, building, planning.

Conservation Areas

Camping, trails and nature.


Maple syrup festival and more.

Latest News

SVCA Announces Two New Education Programs!

New Education Programs Announced by Saugeen Conservation

Saugeen Conservation Refocuses Efforts

SVCA is taking bold steps to support growth within the watershed.

Is the Coast Clear?

The Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation's 'Is the Coast Clear' conference has gone virtual! Check out the details!

Take in a Fall Hike!

This time of year can be a great time to take in a fall hike! Check out our Conservation Areas - we have over 50 km of trails to discover! It's always great to get outdoors!

Campsite reservations online
Regulation Mapping

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