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History of Saugeen Bluffs

The Saugeen River, known as the "Sahging" to the earlier Ojibway people, winds through towering bluffs as it traverses the countryside. Exposing layers of sand, clay and boulder till in a 30 metre (98 foot) high moraine, the bluffs reflect the glacial history of the area. Many have travelled down this waterway including early settlers who utilized cedar-log shafts, or French fur traders en route to a trading post.

Mr. Robert Sutherland approached the Chairman of Saugeen Conservation in the early 1970's (Jim Powers), about the possibility of purchasing land along the Saugeen River in the Paisley area. Robert felt strongly that land should be made available for the general public and for the enjoyment of future generations. The Sutherlands lived in the Paisley area and Mr. Sutherland was the postmaster in the Village for a number of years.

To ensure that his dream could be fulfilled, he generously offered funds toward the purchase of the current park property. His legacy continues today, where thousands of people continue to visit park and enjoy the natural surroundings.

In recognition of his foresight and generosity, a facility was erected in the early 1990's to commemerate his involvement.  It is appropriately called the Robert Sutherland Activity Centre. (Note: This facility is available to rent during the spring, summer and fall months. 

In 1975 an additional 64 ha (160 acres) of land was purchased, bringing the total to its present size covering over 200 ha or 500 acres!


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