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The Greenock Swamp is truly a unique feature in Southern Ontario.  Park of its attraction is the intrigue and mystery surrounding this 8,000 ha natural area.  Not only does the Greenock Swamp rank the top of the line in terms of it's environmental importance and significance, but the role this wetland has played in local history is a key element to its popularity and ongoing attraction.

Boardwalk & Trail Systems

During 2015 and 2016, the SVCA constructed a new floating boardwalk system in the Greenock Swamp, within the Schmidt Lake Complex.  This floating system was made possible by the Saugeen Valley Conservation Foundation and Ontario Power Generation.

The floating boardwalk was installed over an important bog environment that plays host to a number of significant species, including the carnivorous Pitcher Plant and Sundew.

The floating system allows access to this interesting feature while limiting potential negative impact.  For a map of the trail system, please click here.

This particular trail can be accessed by heading west on Schmidt Lake Road, which is one concession north of the Village of Chepstow in the Municipality of Brockton.

Saugeen Conservation owns approximately 50% of the land within the core section of the Greenock Swamp.

Find out more about the Greenock Swamp, its history and attractions by visiting the Municipality of Brockton.





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