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Schmidt Lake

Schmidt Lake

Schmidt Lake is part of the Greenock Swamp, and is southern Ontario's single largest forested wetland at approximately 8,094 hectares (20,000 acres) in size. Saugeen Conservation owns approximately half of this vast wetland, a total of 3,439 ha.  In addition to being a Class 1 Wetland, the swamp is noted for its size, history and ability to act as a giant sponge, releasing water during periods of drought and absorbing water during heavy rainfall.   It is the most diverse natural area in Grey and Bruce Counties.

Given the interest in this magnificent wetland and its rich culture, staff, in conjunction with Regional Tourism Organition 7 (RTO7), the Municipality of Brockton and Bruce County designed tours for the swamp that have been extremely popular.  To commemorate the incredible history of this little Village, a Visitor Centre is opened during the months of July and August.  Visit the displays, exhibits and enjoy a taste of history.  

11 birds of prey, 8 of which are known to nest there (J.Johnson, MNRF, 1990) can be seen here, as well as many different species of orchids.  In the winter months, use the trails to snowshoe or cross-country ski.  In the summer months, view the lake from the dock or wander through the trails.

Schmidt Lake trails can be found by travelling north one concession road from the village of Chepstow.  Public access is at Schmidt Lake on the eastern edge of the swamp.

Saugeen Conservation and its Foundation have worked together, with a number of other partners, in completing a new floating boardwalk system at Schmidt Lake.  The lake can now be accessed by two different recreational trails for two different experiences! 

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Currently only a short walking trail and boardwalk run from the road to the Schmidt Lake Lookout.
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