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Flood Status
Low Water Status

Environment Programs

Flood warnings, forestry, stewardship

Permits and Fees

For services, building, planning.

Conservation Areas

Camping, trails and nature.


Maple syrup festival and more.

Latest News

Is the Coast Clear?

Is the Coast Clear is an excellent conference hosted by the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Centre (an organization that SVCA works closely with). Scheduled for Sept. 2 - 3. Register today.

Repairs Being Made to Dams in Durham

Repairs are currently being made to the LOWER dam in Durham (note: repairs to the Upper Durham Dam are now complete). This is being done in conjunction with the Municipality of West Grey.

Access denied to Walkway at Middle Durham Dam

Access denied to the walkway at the Middle Durham Dam

New COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 update as of July 12, 2020

Campsite reservations online
Regulation Mapping

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