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Community Relations

Let's Talk

Ask us! Saugeen Conservation staff do a lot of talking when requested. Staff would be more than happy to update you on Conservation Authority issues or provide you with a talk and/or presentation on various natural history topics.


The Conservation Authority offers a variety of talks and presentations to groups and gatherings across the watershed. Looking for a guest speaker for your next event? Consider the staff from Saugeen Conservation. They can provide talks and hikes on a variety of different topics related to natural history. To make a booking or for free information simply contact

Fees are $60.00 / presentation.


  • Saugeen Conservation (our programs and services)
  • History of Conservation in Ontario
  • "Birds, Bees and Butterflies" - the secret lives of plants!
  • Plant Folklore
  • The Mighty Saugeen River
  • The fascinating Greenock Swamp
  • The importance of water in the Saugeen Watershed
  • Other - upon request

Field Trips

Throughout the year we conduct a number of field trips for groups and organizations.  We offer the following:

  • The Fascinating Greenock Swamp
  • Trails and Tidbits! (Any of Saugeen Conservation's 50km of trails or Conservation Areas)
  • Other - upon request


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