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Education Programs

Our programs are extensive and varied.  In addition, we work with numerous partners to ensure that our programs meet the Ontario curriculum and provide every child with the best possible experience.

All our programs are booked on a first come, first serve basis and tend to fill quickly.  Please call at least two weeks in advance to book a program. For a full list of fees, click here.


  1. The WREN Program - over 50 different outdoor education programs are offeredthroughout the jurisdictions of both Saugeen and Grey Sauble Conservation Authorities.  Everything from in-depth water studies, wetlands, insects, endangered species and much more.
  2. The DEER Program - a cooperative effort between Saugeen Conservation and Bruce Power, these programs are offered to local schools free of charge and deal with various aspects of the local ecosystem as well as energy conservation.
  3. Flood Waters and You - yet another cooperative effort between Saugeen Conservation, the OPP and St. John Ambulance, this animated program is hands-on and teaches children about the dangers of flood waters.  This program is offered to all grade schools throughout Saugeen's watershed jurisdiction.
  4. Earth Week - an exciting hands-on program offering all types of hands-on programs designed to teach kids about efforts they can do to improve the local environment.
  5. The Grey Bruce Children's Water Festival - staff with Saugeen Conservation are proud to assist with this endeavour. Students from across Grey and Bruce Counties are invited to visit the Festival in Chesley to learn, first-hand, about our fresh water resources, various conservation measures and numerous hands-on activities about our all important water!
  6. Summer Recreation Programs - a cooperative effort between Saugeen Conservation and the Town of Hanover, these programs get kids out into the environment and away from computers to learn about our precious natural resources. Contact the Recreation Department at the Town of Hanover for more information.
  7. The Bruce Grey Forest Festival - initiated by the Forestry and Education staff of Saugeen Conservation, this is very much a cooperative effort of local organizations such as both Saugeen and Grey Sauble Conservation Authorities, the local school boards, stewardship and forestry councils, the Ministry of Natural Resources, etc. Grade 7 students from throughout Bruce and Grey Counties, as well as parts of Wellington and Huron come out to this all encompassing event to learn about different types of forests, forest management, woodland species and much more.  All programs are hands-on.


Nancy Griffin (519-367-3040 (office), 369-4706 (cell) or for more information about our programs and bookings

All programs are considered half day unless stated otherwise.  Half day programs run either from 10:00am to 12:00pm or 12:30pm to 2:30pm.  Two half-day programs make a very worthwhile full-day program.


Our Partners in Education

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